Life Hacks: learning how to save money on a trip

Many tourists try to spend the May holidays with benefit and although they would like to go to the resort for a few days to stay away from home. During the holidays, prices for trips are at their peak, although sometimes tour operators have unexpectedly favorable offers. We have compiled a list of destinations where

What is included in the price of the tour from Level.Travel ?

If you decide to buy a tour for the first time, then you may face the question: what am I going to give my money for? To avoid unnecessary questions, we will tell you in detail about what is included in the tour that you buy on the website Level.Travel . Destination and hotel First

10 places to swim in May

You will swim, walk along the pier and eat fresh fish while everyone else is barbecuing at the cottage. We have compiled for you a list of 10 countries where the sea is warm already in May. Turkey Turkey is the most popular destination during the May holidays. It is still not hot in May

Vitebsk: what to see in the city of Marc Chagall

Vitebsk is one of the oldest cities in Belarus. He survived several wars, but miraculously preserved important architectural monuments. Here you can visit the house of the avant-garde artist Marc Chagall and see the palace where the French Emperor Napoleon celebrated his birthday. We tell you what to do in a small town with a

Assistance to victims in Crocus: up-to-date information (the post is updated)

Our sincere support to all those who suffered as a result of the tragedy on Friday, March 22 in Moscow. In this post, we share information about assistance measures from and we tell you how the carriers changed the rules for the exchange and return of railway and air tickets.  The publication was updated

Hotels in Turkey for holidays with children 2024

Well, friends, the spring and summer school holidays are ahead. And, of course, we all want to visit the sea, choose a cool family hotel where everything will be provided for children and adults. At the same time, it is ideal if it will also be profitable! We see that a large number of our

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