March 2024

The 4 most unexpected countries where you can buy a tour

We are sure your travels will be in this year they will be really special. We will help you with this! If you are tired of Turkey and want exotic things, here are 5 countries that you could only dream of before. Bahrain The Kingdom of Bahrain is spread over 84 islands in the Persian […]

The best hotel chains in Turkey in 2022

We all want our holidays to be at the highest level every time — the sheets in the rooms were fresh and ironed, the sand on the beach was fine and clean, the water in the pool was always at the right temperature, and the waiters in the hotel restaurant were greeted like family. In

The X Hotel Belek — a new point on the map of Turkey

The new modern hotel The X Belek, is located just 4 km from the resort town of Belek. It embodies the concept of “Ultra all inclusive”, which is ideal for both family holidays and for those who want to retire in a romantic atmosphere with their soulmate. Whatever you are looking for, you will find

Express vacation: where to fly for the weekend?

Choosing a vacation tour is not an easy matter. Especially if you are planning a weekend trip. First, you need to decide on the direction. Secondly, choose a place where you can relax and gain impressions in a couple of days. It seems that the mission is impossible. But not for Level.Travel ! Today we

I want to go on vacation, but I have no money. What to do?

Sometimes you really want to go on vacation and you will already have a tour to the country of your dreams, there is only money for it. The reason can be any kind of — the bonus is only in a month, just a little bit is not enough for this beautiful hotel near the coral

When is a tour more profitable than a plane ticket

Has it ever happened to you, looking for air tickets to a vacation, suddenly realize that tickets are more expensive than a whole tour to the same country? Why and in what situations is it more profitable to buy a tour than to pay for tickets and a hotel separately? Nothing complicated, we’ll tell you

Life Hacks: learning how to save money on a trip

Many tourists try to spend the May holidays with benefit and although they would like to go to the resort for a few days to stay away from home. During the holidays, prices for trips are at their peak, although sometimes tour operators have unexpectedly favorable offers. We have compiled a list of destinations where

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