The 4 most unexpected countries where you can buy a tour

The 4 most unexpected countries where you can buy a tour

We are sure your travels will be in this year they will be really special. We will help you with this! If you are tired of Turkey and want exotic things, here are 5 countries that you could only dream of before.


The 4 most unexpected countries where you can buy a tour

The Kingdom of Bahrain is spread over 84 islands in the Persian Gulf. The nature of Bahrain combines a sultry desert with green oases and an underwater world with coral reefs. Rare animals can be found here: chamois, sea turtle and Arabian gazelle. It was here, according to some sources, that the Garden of Eden was located. A beach holiday in Bahrain is always a great idea. The entrance to the water is gentle, so it is ideal for a family holiday with children. But and couples here will be interested — there are diving schools on the islands.

It is always warm here, but from May to October it is hot, the air warms up to +40C. There are only about 10 rainy days in the whole year. It is better to go here from November to March, when the air temperature does not rise above +28°C, and the water warms up to +23°C. It is at this time that weWe advise you to try yourself in diving. According to statistics, there is a pearl in one of the 100 shells. Maybe you should try your luck?

What to visit in Bahrain

For cultural shocks, head to the famous Shajarat al-Hayat Tree of Life and one of the most The largest mosques in the world are the Al-Fatiha Mosques. For shopping, we recommend going to Manama to Bab al-Bahrain Bazaar. Everything is sold here, from Aladdin lamps brought here from China to high-quality locally made carpets, shawls, burqas, beads, spices and pearls.

What to try in Bahrain

Arabic cuisine and local seafood. We especially recommend the shish kebab tikka and chicken meat stewed in tomato sauce. For dessert, feel free to order brown sweet rice with sugar or dates “mukhammar”. From   drinks  — coffee or aniseed vodka «arak», if you want something stronger.  


The 4 most unexpected countries where you can buy a tour

On the one hand, the Gambia is lush greenery with snow-white beaches, andnbsp;with another, colorful African markets and evidence of primitive human life. There are 7 national parks in the country, each of which we recommend spending the whole day on. Cheetahs, crocodiles and lions live here, and hippos swim in local reservoirs. Travelers who prefer nature to skyscrapers will not want to leave here.

In the Gambia, it is comfortable to relax at any time of the year. As a rule, the air temperature ranges between +29°C and +34°C. From October to June, the dry season, there is no rain. From July to the end of September, there are short rains, lots of greenery, everything is blooming and fragrant. In winter, the climate is temperate, there is neither heat nor rain.  

What to see in the Gambia

  To get into the culture of Africa, visit national parks, take a cooking lesson, ride along the river on a boat, andcraft marketsYou will find souvenirs for your loved ones and paintings by local artists for yourself to always remember the Gambia at home.

What to try in the Gambia

The Gambia has great Italian, Lebanese, Chinese and Indian restaurants. But you still need to have time to try all the traditional dishes of West African cuisine. Be sure to try here baobab juice and attaya, a strong and sweet green tea that is prepared in a special way.  



The 4 most unexpected countries where you can buy a tour

The most important attraction of this country is safari. Imagine that you find yourself in the cartoon Madagascar: you will see elephants swimming, lions resting in the sun and riding on the zebra savannah.

By the way, in Tanzania you can not only see rare animals, but also lie on a snow-white beach and explore the rich underwater world. The locals are smiling and love Russian tourists. The temperature on the coast never drops below +25°C, so it’s worth flying here at any time of the year. It is warmest in February and March.

Is time running out? The tour can be purchased now. In our note, there are 6 more reasons to go to Tanzania in winter.

What to visit in Tanzania

Besides safaris and diving schools, there is a whole sea of entertainment here. For example, you can go to a coffee or banana plantation in Morogoro or take a walk through the old district of Zanzibar, Stone Town. Don’t forget to visit the Freddie Mercury House Museum. He was born in Zanzibar. But, of course, the main entertainment in Tanzania is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. This is a task for prepared travelers.

What to try in Tanzania

In traditional restaurants, try duck stewed in coconut milk and bean soup. Tanzanians eat it almost every day. There are not so many desserts, and the basis of most of them are bananas. We recommend tasting vodka from papaya. — «cognac.».  



The 4 most unexpected countries where you can buy a tour

In Jamaica, it is incredibly pleasant to relax in nature to the sounds of reggae. Couples or small cheerful companies are coming here. The main tourist center is Montego Bay. Here you can meet a Hollywood celebrity and relax in an expensive hotel, but it won’t be difficult to relax on a budget. Tourists go to Negril for the bright underwater world and rich nightlife. The local beaches are some of the best in the world!

The air temperature in winter and in summer is almost the same. The hottest time here is in July and August, and in January and February it is cold: at night the temperature does not drop below +20°8230;22°S. The period from mid-December to mid-April is considered the high season.

What to visit in Jamaica

The nature here is simply magical! We recommend places to visit: the Dunns River waterfalls among the jungle, the most beautiful Blue Lagoon with a depth of 55 m and the highest point of the island, the Blue Peak.

Not far from Montego Bay there is the Belvedere Estate Museum of the XIX century. Here you can see how representatives of the ruling class lived during the slave-owning system.

What to try in Jamaica

The cuisine of Jamaica is rich in fruits, meat, seafood and vegetables, and all this is flavored with spices.

The main national dish of Jamaica is considered to be a dish based on the local aki fruit and salted cod. Grilled chicken marinated in a special pepper sauce and cooked on pimento charcoal is very popular. Spend the evening with a glass of the famous Jamaican Red Stripe beer.  


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