The best hotel chains in Turkey in 2022

The best hotel chains in Turkey in 2022

We all want our holidays to be at the highest level every time — the sheets in the rooms were fresh and ironed, the sand on the beach was fine and clean, the water in the pool was always at the right temperature, and the waiters in the hotel restaurant were greeted like family.

In order for this fairy tale to repeat itself from vacation to vacation, many people find one favorite hotel in Turkey and choose it for vacations for years. Places close to my heart, the usual delicious dinners and predictably friendly staff — it seems like it couldn’t be better. But sometimes you want variety. How can you achieve it without risking the quality of your vacation? It’s simple: choose another hotel of your favorite chain. Were you in the same Barut? Go to another one! Details about attractive options for Turkish chains are in this collection.

VIP hotels from Gloria Hotels & Resorts

The best hotel chains in Turkey in 2022

Gloria Hotels & Resorts are real VIP hotels. Each of them always has a green area and exceptional design, always helpful service and magnificent private beaches. Here it is only necessary to tell about your desires, and you will be decorated with roses or your favorite dessert will be prepared. Of course, hotels have differences. It will be very pleasant to search and find them. • Gloria Golf Resort, 5*, Belek is the best for sports fans.

• Gloria Verde Resort, 5*, Belek is a paradise for lovers of SPA treatments.

• Gloria Serenity Resort, 5*, Belek is for relaxing alone with nature.

Diverse concepts from IC Hotels

The best hotel chains in Turkey in 2022

IC Hotels is a chain of hotels in the heart of Antalya, each of which offers a unique concept. From small villas with direct access to a huge sandy beach to a monumental classical building with columns and views of the forest park area — choose what you like best! * IC Hotels Green Palace, 5*, Antalya — located in the greenest part of Antalya.

• IC Hotels Airport, 5*, Antalya is an elegant hotel in the middle of a coniferous forest.

• IC Hotels Residence, 5*, Antalya — in the style of Southeast Asian countries.

• IC Hotels Santai Family Resort, 5*, Kadriye is a micro—town with a beach, forest and a huge swimming pool.

Luxury without surprises from Paloma Hotels

The best hotel chains in Turkey in 2022

Paloma Hotels seems to teleport the same concept to different parts of Turkey. The Mediterranean or the Aegean Sea, coniferous forests or palm trees — wherever you go, you will have an unforgettable vacation. After all, the service will always be on top. • Paloma Orenda, 5*, Side — Blue flag beach and yachting courses.

• Paloma Perissia, 5*, Side — golden beach, house with pet cats, and all — not far from the ancient city.

• Paloma Oceana, 5*, Side hotel with a children’s chef.

• Paloma Grida, 5*, Belek — secluded gazebos on the beach.

• Paloma Foresta, 5*, Beldibi — located at the foot of Mount Toros.

• Paloma Pasha, 5*, Ozdere is an ideal place for lovers of the Aegean Sea.

Hotels for different audiences from Papillon Hotels

The best hotel chains in Turkey in 2022

Three hotels of the Papillon Hotels chain are located on the very seashore, among picturesque landscapes. And each of them — from a micro—town with a pool surrounding luxury villas to an inexpensive complex designed for young people – is created for a luxurious holiday, the quality is felt in every detail. • Papillon Zeugma Relaxury Hotel, 5*, Belek — a huge complex with VIP service and villas.

• Papillon Belvil Hotel, 5*, Kadriye — the best combination of “price-quality”.

• Papillon Ayscha Resort & Spa, 5*, Belek is a compact but well—maintained green area.

Architectural experiments from Delphin Hotels & Resorts

The best hotel chains in Turkey in 2022

The Delphin Hotels chain regularly occupies the top positions in travel ratings. Each of her hotels is an independent architectural experiment, but the main highlight — the incredible garden on the territory — remains unchanged. • Delphin Imperial, 5*, Antalya — original architecture.

• Delphin Palace Deluxe Collection, 5*, Antalya is a city hotel with its own beach.

• Delphin Be Grand Resort, 5*, Antalya is a large area with many cozy corners.

• Delphin Deluxe Resort, 5*, Okurjalar — located among palm trees.

• Delphin Diva Premiere Hotel, 5*, Antalya — beautiful green area, classic design and ideal location.

Everything for families from Limak International Hotel & Resort

The best hotel chains in Turkey in 2022

Limak Hotels is a well—known chain specializing in family hotels on the Mediterranean coast. It has everything you need for a fun and safe holiday with young children. • Limak Limra Hotel & Resort, 5*, Kirish is one of the largest family resorts in Antalya Kemer.

• Limak Lara Deluxe Hotel & Resort, 5*, Antalya — Asian style, located on the famous Lara Kundu beach.

• Limak Atlantis De Luxe Hotel & Resort, 5*, Belek — animation for adults and a mini club for children.

• Limak Arcadia Sport Resort Hotel, 5*, Belek is ideal so as not to lose touch with nature.

Variety of holidays at Rixos Hotels

The best hotel chains in Turkey in 2022

Of course, the list of outstanding hotel chains in Turkey would be incomplete without Rixos Hotels. Her credo is “relaxed rest”, and for a relaxed rest, everything should be at hand. Business lounges and water parks, a bulk island for barbecue parties, a ballet academy for children – here you will find everything. • Rixos Premium Belek Hotel — its own farm and hiking route.

• Rixos Premium Bodrum is the famous Cento per Cento restaurant.

• Rixos Premium Tekirova is a ballet academy for children.

• Rixos Sungate Hotel — bulk sandy beach and World Class Fitness.

• Club Prive By Rixos Gocek — villas in a pine forest.

• Club Prive By Rixos Belek is a boutique hotel with a villa of 615 square meters.

• The Land Of Legends Kingdom Hotel is specially designed for families with children.

• Rixos Downtown Antalya is a business class one kilometer from the city center.

Ageless classics from Barut Hotels

The best hotel chains in Turkey in 2022

For half a century now, Barut Hotels has been delighting with excellent service on the Mediterranean coast. During this time, the chain’s hotels have managed to receive hundreds of awards, but the main thing is the love and gratitude of the guests. • Barut Kemer Collection, 5*, Kemer is a stylish hotel with spacious rooms.

• Barut B Suites, 4*, Evrenseki — holidays with children will be unforgettable.

• Barut Hemera, 5*, Side is a cozy hotel in greenery and with an ideal beach.

• Acanthus & Cennet Barut Collection, 4*, Side — good location and compact green area.

• Arum Barut Collection, 5*, Side is a quiet, peaceful hotel with developed infrastructure.

• Barut Sunwing Side, 4*, Sorgun — entertainment for the whole family and fun animation.

• Barut Lara Collection, 5*, Antalya — for the most demanding guests.

• The Residence At Tui Sensatori Barut Fethiye, 5*, Mugla is an adult—only hotel without children.

• Tui Blue Barut Andiz, 4*, Side — two a la carte restaurants and impeccable cuisine.

• Tui Sensatori Resort Barut Sorgun, 5*, Sorgun — a huge square, lots of entertainment and just an hour from the airport.

• Tui Sensatori Resort Barut Fethiye, 5*, Yaniklar is one of the best hotels on the Aegean coast of Turkey.

As you can see, there is something to choose even for the most biased and demanding. Turkey is the very embodiment of choice. On the beaches here you can find both sand and pebbles, among the hotels there are youth options with noisy parties, and quiet places for family holidays, and romantic beaches for couples, and quiet forest trails for singles.

The main thing is not to forget that rest can be different, and a good rest is delightfully different. So explore our selection, read the reviews and look at the unique impressions on the page of each hotel — and go towards a new experience!



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