Express vacation: where to fly for the weekend?

Express vacation: where to fly for the weekend?

Choosing a vacation tour is not an easy matter. Especially if you are planning a weekend trip. First, you need to decide on the direction. Secondly, choose a place where you can relax and gain impressions in a couple of days. It seems that the mission is impossible. But not for Level.Travel !

Today we will reveal all the maps, share an assistant service for choosing a weekend tour, and tell you about the most interesting destinations that are worth paying attention to.  

​How to choose a weekend tour

Express vacation: where to fly for the weekend?

OnLevel.Travel There is a “Weekend Tours” page. She will help you choose a trip for a couple of days.

On the page you will see different tour options in all open countries, which can be sorted by cost or hotel rating. The filters allow you to choose a country for your trip.

And in order for the trip to be a success, tell us about your wishes. For example, specify the distance to the sea, check the box next to the Heated pool in case of bad weather, or see which hotels have massage treatments to make your vacation even more enjoyable.

If you haven’t decided where you want to go yet, it doesn’t matter. We have found the most interesting destinations for a weekend trip!


Yerevan: exploring the city

Express vacation: where to fly for the weekend?

Armenia is a country of mountain ranges, ancient temples and generous hospitality. And Yerevan is the heart and soul of Armenia. To feel the flavor, take a look at the Dalan Gallery. Here you can see an exhibition of works by Armenian masters and drink coffee “surj”, which is very popular with locals.

To admire the city from a height and the Ararat towering above it, overcome the 572 steps of the Cascade. The view is especially beautiful at sunset. The buildings, built of pink tuff, are painted in peach shades and merge with the crimson sky.


Istanbul: getting to know Turkey in a new way

Express vacation: where to fly for the weekend?

If you want to get to know the real Turkey and feel its flavor, by all means go toIstanbul. Instead of a marathon run through the sights, take a look at a couple of the main museums, and then plunge into real life. Take a walk through the narrow streets of the Uskyudar district in the Asian part, look at the old houses and climb the Chamlyja Hill to see the city from a height. Take a look at the antique shops in Beyoglu quarter and explore the local Arbat Istiklal Street, along which a retro tram runs.

Travel between parts of the city on ferries, listening to the cries of seagulls, and be sure to communicate with the locals. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to learn incredible stories that no travel guide will tell you about.


Saint Petersburg: leisurely relaxing

Express vacation: where to fly for the weekend?

Spend a quiet weekend in old St. Petersburg. Explore the couple of streets closest to you without any haste. Pay attention to the details, consider everything in the smallest detail. The decoration of the house, charming doors, handles and even street mailboxes. If you look around with curiosity and do not forget to raise your head up, you can see a lot of inspiring details. After the walk, visit one of the restaurants in the city and choose something with an unpronounceable name. Where else to try such dishes as not in the gastronomic capital!

For souvenirs, come to vintage shops to dig up a wonderful curiosity for memory. Or take a look at the legendary Subscription Editions, find the funniest postcard about St. Petersburg and send it home. It will turn out to be a great reminder that on weekends you can only chase impressions.


Gagra: going to the sun and delicious food

Express vacation: where to fly for the weekend?

Gagra is beautiful. You feel comfortable at home here. For a couple of days of rest, you can explore the city and the surrounding area. Take a walk through the Seaside Park, walk to the old colonnade and get to the Blue Lake and take beautiful photos.

To feel the city, they say you need to eat there. To do this, go to the apatshu cafe, where Abkhazian cuisine is prepared. If you want to find the best one, ask for a recommendation from local old-timers, and keep heading there.


Kaliningrad: learning the story

Express vacation: where to fly for the weekend?

Kaliningrad is a city where asphalt sometimes gives way to paving stones, samples of neo-Gothic and eclecticism flaunt among the panels familiar to everyone, andThere is a subtle spirit of East Prussia in the air. To get into the history of the city and see the personification of German heritage, it is worth visiting the Cathedral in the Kneiphof district. Here you can sign up for an author’s tour, listen to organ concerts and go to the museum, which is located in the house of Protestant pastor Daniel Andersch, where Immanuel Kant served as a home teacher.

Arrange a weekend in a European city where you don’t even need a visa!

   Zelenograd: enjoying nature

Express vacation: where to fly for the weekend?

Those who believe that Zelenogradsk has wonderful nature and a mystical atmosphere They are not lying, because the city is just a stone’s throw from the Curonian Spit. And there will be a place and a lot of room for imagination. The mysterious mood will help you catch the museum of Russian superstitions, which tells about brownies, kikimores, vodyanoi and other inhabitants of the surrounding area. The next stop is the Dancing Forest. The bizarre trees and intoxicating aroma will be remembered for a long time by the inhabitant of the concrete jungle. End the day by admiring the sunset on the Efa Dune, the highest dune in the Curonian Lagoon.

Just imagine: the sound of the surf, a picnic basket, glasses and a warm plaid plaid in the bright rays of the setting sun.


Select convenient dates in the field below, specify how many of you and from which city you want to fly — we will immediately select the best tours or hotels.

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