5 Places to Swim in May

5 Places to Swim in May

You will swim, walk along the pier and eat fresh fish while everyone else is barbecuing at the cottage. We have compiled for you a list of 5 countries where the sea is warm already in May.


5 Places to Swim in May

Turkey is the most popular destination during the May holidays. It is still not hot in May — about +26°C in the afternoon, about +14°C in the evening. The water warms up to +20-23 ° C. So it’s generally comfortable.

Turkey has resorts on four seas: the Mediterranean, the Aegean, the Black and the Marmara. 95% of families go to the Mediterranean Sea to Antalya.

You do not need a visa to Turkey.



5 Places to Swim in May

In the UAE, the water is very warm in May — +27-29°C. There will be few people at the resorts, because the tourist season is coming to an end at this time.

The fact is that it’s too hot there in the summer. If in May the temperature in the Emirates rises to +35-36 ° C, then in summer it can exceed +40 ° C. Therefore, if you choose the UAE, it is better to go in the spring.

Here are the most interesting destinations in the UAE: 1. Sharjah Life and hotels here are cheaper than in other resorts of the Emirates, and all the sights are close: you can walk along the pedestrian zone of Al-Kasbah with many cafes and attractions, visit the Sharjah aquarium with a huge collection of fish or look at the singing fountains with lights. Due to this, Sharjah is very popular with tourists. 2. Dubai It is the largest city in the UAE with a vibrant nightlife and plenty of entertainment. Here you will find a ski resort in the middle of eternal summer, the chic Jumeirah Beach promenade and the incredible Jumeirah islands of various amazing shapes, for example, in the form of a palm tree.

5 Places to Swim in May

  3. Abu Dhabi The city is not as bustling as Dubai. All the sights of the city are located on the island of Yas. There is a giant Ferrari amusement park, a Formula 1 track, an amateur circuit and a lot of other attractions. Nearby there is an amusement park Dubai Parks and Resorts, which is called the “Arab Disneyland”.

A visa to the UAE is issued upon arrival. Are you ready for the hot sun and entertainment? Then make up your mind and choose a tour to the UAE!



5 Places to Swim in May

In Egypt in May it is hotter than in Turkey — the daytime temperature is +34°C, and the water warms up to +26°C.

There are very beautiful coral reefs in Egypt. There are many places where you can go snorkeling and see the fish and beautiful underwater life. To do this, you don’t even need to be able to scuba dive. You can just dive in a mask with a snorkel.

A visa to Egypt is issued upon arrival at the border. It costs $25.


5 Places to Swim in May

In Thailand there are many options where to go. Here are some of the most popular ones: 1. Phuket. Surfing and windsurfing fans come here in May. There are waves on the sea and a great wind. It may rain for a couple of hours a day. 2. Pattaya. The climate there is hotter than in other regions of Thailand. If you want to get out of the hustle, bounty and beach, then go to Pattaya.

You do not need a visa to Thailand.


5 Places to Swim in May

The revolution and the colonial past left many amazing monuments in Cuba. But it’s easy to forget about them, it’s worth being on the local beaches. Clean, well-groomed, with  white sand — it’s just some kind of fairy tale.

You do not need a visa to Cuba. If you can’t wait to enjoy the warm sea and the cleanest beaches, choose a suitable tour or hotel! 


5 Places to Swim in May

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