Life Hacks: learning how to save money on a trip

Life Hacks: learning how to save money on a trip

Many tourists try to spend the May holidays with benefit and although they would like to go to the resort for a few days to stay away from home. During the holidays, prices for trips are at their peak, although sometimes tour operators have unexpectedly favorable offers. We have compiled a list of destinations where to relax in May with savings for the family budget.

To Africa for warmth

Life Hacks: learning how to save money on a trip

In the first third of May, the cost of tours rises and becomes comparable to the summer, as in the high season. But immediately after the weekend, in the middle of the month, a lull begins. Therefore, if it is possible not to go to the May holidays themselves, but, for example, to take a vacation immediately after them, you can choose an offer with a good discount. In the second half of May, an almost dead period begins, which lasts until the beginning of June. And these days, prices for tours are decreasing in certain directions very significantly.

One of the warmest destinations is Africa. It is worth looking at countries such as Morocco and Tunisia. However, it is on holidays that it will not be easy to find an inexpensive offer. For example, the cost of a week-long tour to Morocco at the end of April starts from 80,000 rubles for two people. You can relax together in Tunisia on these dates from 45,000 rubles.

However, prices have been significantly reduced since May 11. For example, the cost of a week-long tour to Morocco is almost twice as cheap. In this African country, you can find a tour from 50 000 rubles for two. A ticket to Tunisia is not getting cheaper so much, but it is also noticeable up to 36,000 rubles for two people.  

Cheap To Europe

Life Hacks: learning how to save money on a trip

Choosing resorts for the May holidays, you can pay attention toEurope. Of course, the Mediterranean is not yet as warm as in Africa, but it is much hotter than in Russia. And often there are favorable offers. Of course, such a holiday has its drawbacks. In many resorts, the sea is still not warm enough, and some bars and clubs may be closed. But the sun is already hot in summer, so you will certainly return from your trip with a great tan.

For example, from April 30th, you can fly for a week to the prestigious Majorca for 79,000 rubles for two people. The prices of a week’s vacation at Greek resorts and at all start from 44,000 rubles for two. About 52,000 55,000 will cost the most profitable week-long tour to Italy. Hot Cyprus, where the sea is already warm by Russian standards, will cost from 54,000rubles for two people. The most inexpensive option remains, of course, Russia. A week-long tour for two can be found from 26,000 rubles.

After the holidays, tour operators also reduce prices, as well as for African destinations, but not so significantly. A week-long trip to Cyprus from the 11th will cost 39,000 rubles for two people. Spain will cost a little more — from 42 000 rubles for two people from May 13. Two people can fly to Greece after May 12 from 34,000rubles, as well as to Italy, the same 34,000 and already from May 11. Holidays in Sochi are getting cheaper these days until 19,000 rubles per week for two, starting from May 10.  

Where to find a cheap tour

Life Hacks: learning how to save money on a trip

Of course, inexpensive tours sell out quickly, so if you want to save money seriously, you should be patient and persevere. It happens that optimal offers can appear even at night, because the data is updated online. We have several convenient tools for this, allowing you to find the cheapest departure day. It is worth using the “Low Price Calendar” and looking at the upcoming dates. And then it won’t be difficult to find the most profitable tour, and if you don’t have enough money, then the trip can be purchased in installments.  


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