What is the billing period for benefits in 2024

For each type of benefits, not only its own specific algorithm is used, but also the required billing period. Some types of benefits use their own formula for calculating the number of days of the billing period in 2024, while others use their own procedure and algorithm of actions.

Recall that for some types of benefits, billing periods have been in effect for a considerable time, and the rules for the number of calendar days of the billing period have not changed for several decades. For other types of benefits, the rules have changed repeatedly, including in the same calendar year, as it was in 2022 and 2021.

Disability certificates

In 2024, the minimum wage increases by 18.5%, which will now amount to 19,242 rubles. Based on this value, disability benefits will now be assigned. What billing period will be taken into account in this case?

  • To calculate, we take the amount of 19242 rubles, divide the number of days in a month, multiply by the number of days of illness.
  • If in the billing period, the employee did not have any earnings at all, the minimum wage data is taken for the sick leave.
  • If the employee has an insurance record of less than 6 months, the minimum wage is also taken into account.
  • Depending on the length of service, an allowance of 60%, 80% or 100% is assigned.
  • A sick leave of 100%, regardless of work experience, is assigned to a legal representative who takes care of a child under the age of 8.


Employee M., who works at the minimum wage rate, fell ill on January 12, 2024, and he was on sick leave until January 22, 2024. The first working day is January 23rd. For the month of January, the employee must be paid a minimum wage of 19,242 rubles. M. was on sick leave for 11 days.

  1. There are 31 days in January. The amount of 19,242 rubles is divided into 3 1 days. Total 620 rubles. 71 kopecks.
  2. M. He was on sick leave for 11 days, he was supposed to pay 6827 rubles. 81 kopecks.
  3. The company pays for the first 3 days from its fund in the amount of 1,862 rubles. 13 kopecks
  4. The remaining amount of 4965 rubles. 68 kopecks is paid by the SFR.


All sick days are taken into account for the calculation, including the days off are Saturday and Sunday. Personal income tax in the amount of 13% is paid from the amount of payment of sick leave, since this is considered income.

Child care allowance up to 1.5 years old

It is believed that this type of monetary assistance is the most difficult to determine the billing period for the benefit. However, if you carefully study the calculation schemes and algorithms, as well as the intended purpose of the calculation period for the benefit, it will be possible to determine a suitable scheme for the payment of benefits in 2024.

  1. If your vacation started in 2024, then you can use 2023 and 2022 for the calculation.
  2. It is allowed to replace other periods at the request of the benefit applicant.

According to the requirements of the legislation, in order to replace other years, it is necessary to comply with the requirements.

  1. During the two years prior to the year of the start of the parental leave of 1.5 years, the woman was on maternity leave (pregnancy and childbirth) or caring for the eldest child, even if these vacations took only a few months in the billing period.
  2. The applicant submits an application for revision of other calendar days of the calculation period of previous years that are beneficial to him for the current calculation of benefits, and this recalculation leads to an increase in the amount of benefits.
  3. It is allowed to change not to any calculation years, but only to those that are considered immediately preceding for those periods that are being replaced.

In this case, the applicant needs to apply to the accounting department of the enterprise, where the appropriate calculations will be carried out. The accountant will help you choose the appropriate period for the billing period in 2024.


An employee of the Mir enterprise N.A. goes on maternity leave in 2024. By default, calculations for 2023 and 2022 must be performed.

N.A. in 2022 and 2021, she was already on leave for birthing and caring for the middle child. During this period, N.A. did not receive a salary. Therefore, 2022 can be safely replaced by 2020. In this case, you can both increase the average daily earnings, and at the same time increase the amount of child care allowance to 1.5 years. Thus, when assigning this benefit, income (salary periods) in 2023 and 2021 will be taken into account, when N.A. received not an allowance, but a salary.

Universal Child Benefit (UP)

This type of benefit appeared relatively recently – at the beginning of 2023. Officially, the UP sounds like a single benefit in connection with the birth and upbringing of a child. Not only families with low-income children can receive the right to such an allowance, but also pregnant women who have registered with a women’s clinic before 12 weeks (early pregnancy).

It is generally believed that the universal benefit today replaces 5 benefits at once, which until 2023 had to be received from different operators in the field of social protection (pension fund, regional departments or ministries of social support).

  1. The monthly pregnancy allowance, which was introduced in 2021.
  2. Child benefit for up to 1.5 years, if legal representatives were not subject to compulsory disability insurance, and in connection with motherhood, for example, unemployed parents.
  3. Monthly payments for children from 3 to 8 years old.
  4. Payments to low-income families with children from 0 to 3 years old.
  5. Payments for children from 8 to 17 years old.

At the same time, it was clarified that the universal (single) manual in no case replaces the following types.

  1. BIR manual.
  2. A one-time allowance on the occasion of the birth of a child.
  3. A (standard) allowance for the care of a child up to 1.5 years old.
  4. Monthly payments for a child from the funds of the maternity capital (up to 3 years old).

The applicant has the right to apply to the SFR (operator of data processing and assignment of benefits), while taking into account the billing period for a single benefit for 2024.

In what month do we apply for the benefit for 2024 For which billing period income is taken into account
December 2023 November 2022-October 2023
January 2024 December 2022-November 2023
February 2024 January 2023-December 2023
March 2024 February 2023 – January 2024
April 2024 March 2023-February 2024
May 2024 April 2022- March 2024
June 2024 May 2023-April 2024
July 2024 June 2023-May 2024
August 2024 July 2023-June 2024
September 2024 August 2023-July 2024
October 2024 September 2023-August 2024
November 2024 October 2023-September 2024
December 2024 November 2023-October 2024


The recipients of the unified (universal) benefit can be:

  • pregnant women who are at least 6 weeks pregnant and registered in the women’s clinic for up to 12 weeks;
  • legal representatives (parents, guardians, guardians) of children aged 0 to 17 full at the same time, children and parents must be citizens of the Russian Federation and reside in Russia at the time of submitting the application.

If there are several children in the family, then a universal allowance will be assigned to each child. When appointing the UP, the conditions of appointment are taken into account – income per 1 family member, objective reasons for the lack of income for each parent (zero income), compliance with property criteria for the appointment of benefits. Depending on income, a single benefit can be assigned in the amount of 50%, 75% or 100% of the minimum subsistence level for a child in the region, or an able-bodied citizen (for pregnant women).

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