Unemployment benefits from 2024: the amount, how to get it and what documents are needed

What is the amount of unemployment benefits in 2024? Is it true that in 2024 the conditions for receiving benefits through the labor exchange have changed significantly?

The fact that there is no source of permanent income is not recognized as a basis for the appointment of financial support. How to receive unemployment benefits depends, first of all, on the assignment of the status of the law to the bill adopted in the first reading, radically changing the accrual procedure.

According to the current law, persons recognized as unemployed can claim payments in an amount depending on the insurance record, accrued earnings by the last employer and the reasons for dismissal. The limit limits for 2024 have been adjusted for the consumer price growth index.

Conditions for granting the status of unemployed

In order to qualify for unemployment benefits, a citizen must obtain the status of unemployed in the employment assistance service. Mandatory conditions for registration are the lack of employment and an alternative source of income, active job search and readiness for its immediate implementation (Article 3 of the Law of the Russian Federation No. 1032-1 of 04/19/1991).

Persons are not recognized as unemployed:

  • under 16 years of age;
  • receiving pension payments;
  • who refused two offered vacancies of suitable work within ten days, and those who are employed for the first time – from two training options or any paid job or ignored offers;
  • who did not appear to a potential employer at the appointed time without appropriate grounds;
  • sentenced to correctional or forced labor by court verdicts;
  • who provided false information about employment or earnings.

Registration for the unemployed is carried out on the 11th day after the application. If a citizen is denied registration, then a second request for status assignment is allowed one month after a reasoned refusal. The deadlines for the statement are not limited, however, if the two-week period is missed after the reduction, the citizen will not receive payments in the amount of 100% of earnings by the employer who reduced them for the third month.

Documents for the appointment of unemployment benefits

The decision to recognize an individual as unemployed is made by the labor exchange at the place of residence, subject to the provision of a set of documentary applications.

To assign unemployment benefits at the employment center, the applicant must submit:

  • passport or a document replacing an identity card;
  • employment record with information about employment;
  • a certificate from the last employer on average earnings for the period preceding the termination of employment legal relations for a three-month period;
  • diplomas and certificates certifying the facts of education, qualifications, specialization and retraining.

To register, you can visit the employment service department, use the portal “Work of Russia” or Public Services by filling out a unified application form. If you have an account, information about earnings is requested from the tax authority, and information about insurance experience is requested from the Social Fund of the Russian Federation as part of an interdepartmental information exchange.

The amount and timing of payment of unemployment benefits

The amounts of state support are formed taking into account the total insurance experience, the reason for dismissal and the status of the person. The amount of unemployment benefits is set depending on the categories of citizens (Articles 33, 34, 34.2 of Law No. 1032-1):

To persons who have worked for at least 26 weeks during the last year as a percentage of the average salary at the last workplace. The allowance is paid for six months in the amount of:

  • 75% – the first 3 months;
  • 60% for the next 3 months.

Persons of pre-retirement age who have less than five years left before retirement have a longer period for payments. The benefit is paid to pre-retirees for 12 months out of 18, and to women with a total experience of at least 20 years and 25 men for 24 months out of 36, as a percentage of the average monthly earnings:

  • 75% – the first three months;
  • 60% – the next four months;
  • 45% – remaining period.

Within the legally established minimum. The minimum unemployment benefit in the monthly amount of 1,613 rubles and only the first three months in 2024 will be received by citizens:

  • those who are employed for the first time;
  • who have not documented the average monthly earnings from the last employer;
  • having a break in employment for over a year;
  • who worked for less than 26 weeks during the year before contacting the employment service;
  • fired for disciplinary action, loss of trust or other negative articles;
  • dropped out of school byto the direction of the labor exchange for disciplinary offenses, including absenteeism and drunkenness;
  • who have been removed from the register as self-employed or sole proprietors.

Payments are not assigned while on maternity leave, during the period of conscription for military training and involvement in alternative activities, followed by an extension of time upon completion (paragraph 4 of Article 35 of Law No. 1032-1).

The algorithm for calculating benefits and limit limits

The basis for calculating funds is the value of the average monthly income at the last workplace before applying to the employment center. To determine how much unemployment benefits in monetary terms will be accrued on the labor exchange, you should use the formula for calculating the average salary:

Пособие по безработице с 2024 года: сумма, как получить и какие документы нужны

The resulting calculated indicator, adjusted for the percentage based on the period, is compared with the maximum. The maximum unemployment benefit set for 2024, taking into account indexation, is 13,751 rubles. If, according to the calculation results, an amount exceeding the maximum amount is received, then the payment is assigned in the amount of the limit limiter, otherwise – in the calculated amount:

Пособие по безработице с 2024 года: сумма, как получить и какие документы нужны

According to the above formulas, an unemployed person can check both the correctness of the calculation of the employer and the employment center. Unemployment benefits for the unemployed are accrued and paid not in advance, but in installments:

  • from the moment of registration as a job seeker until the date of assignment of the status of unemployed;
  • from the moment of recognition as unemployed until the time of the first completed re-registration, appointed by the employment center, and so on.

The payment is transferred no more than twice a month and may be suspended or terminated prematurely in case of employment, pension assignment or violation of the rules established by the labor exchange for the unemployed (paragraphs 1-3 of Article 35 of Law No. 1032-1).

Overview of prospective legislation

Drastic changes in employment legislation are overdue due to the passage of a thirty-year time interval since the drafting of the current law. The entry into force of Bill No. 275599-8 is expected from 01.01.2024.

Among the innovations:

  1. Consolidation of the concepts of self-employment and platform employment. Unlike the self-employed, citizens who conclude contracts for the performance of work or the provision of services using digital platforms will be recognized as platform-employed.
  2. Additional measures to promote employment. The current financial support of employers for the employment of young people as a temporary measure will be permanently fixed, as well as assistance in providing jobs to citizens at risk of dismissal, including parents with many children and persons who have completed military service.
  3. Protection of the labor rights of persons with disabilities. If the quota was set for the creation of one workplace per 100 employees, then it is planned to increase to exceed the number of 30-35 people, which corresponds to a threefold increase.
  4. The focus is on identifying the facts of illegal employment. The list of information provided by employers to employment centers is expanding. A special public register of employers will be created to enter information about illegal employment.

If the bill comes into force, the unemployment benefit will change in 2024 not only in terms of accruals, but also in terms of the payment assignment algorithm. The basis for the accrual will be the execution of the activities specified in the individual plan, formed in accordance with the profile group of the applicant.

The development will take into account the level of education and qualifications, the desired field of activity and type of employment, the salary level, taking into account social status and life circumstances.

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