New EDV sizes from February 1, 2024

Almost all social benefits and allowances to citizens of the Russian Federation are indexed annually. This is happening on the initiative of the Russian Government based on the inflation rate actually registered in the previous calendar year. This also applies to the one-time cash payment (EDV) due to disabled people of all groups, WWII participants and combat veterans and a number of other categories of citizens.

According to the current legislation, indexing takes place every calendar year, on February 1. The amount of the surcharge is usually equal to the fixed inflation. For example, in 2024, it is planned to increase the amount of benefits by 7.4%. The growth will affect all citizens, both officially employed and unemployed: pensioners registered at the employment center, etc.

How will the EDI change in 2024 according to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation

By law, the indexation of benefits, including EDV, is linked to the actual increase in prices of goods or services (in other words, to inflation). So, according to Rosstat data, in 2023 they increased by an average of 7.42%. Therefore, this figure appears in the regulations aimed at changes in social benefits to citizens. Indexing is usually the same for all categories of recipients.

The Government of the Russian Federation prepared a draft for discussion on 15.01.2024. The document will be signed after 01/29/2024, because according to the rules, you need to go through the stage of public hearings. If the situation does not change and the plans remain unchanged, the indexation will take place at the previously announced 7.4%. The Social Fund of the Russian Federation (SFR) will increase all payments automatically, in an undeclared manner.

The size of the EDB from February 1, 2024

The amount paid monthly is determined based on the category of the citizen to which he belongs. The amount of the benefit is also influenced by the decision whether to receive a set of social services (NSOs) or replace it with monetary compensation.

In practice, the following options are possible:

  1. The beneficiary did not express a desire to abandon the NSO. He retains the right to use the entire volume included in the program. Such citizens are paid the basic amount of EDV established for a specific category of beneficiary.
  2. The person decided to partially abandon the social package provided by the state. In this case, he will receive monthly monetary compensation commensurate with the equivalent of a specific package of services that the citizen does not receive now.
  3. It was decided to completely abandon the set of social services. In such a situation, the full cost of the NSO will be added to the monthly payment of the EDV. In fact, a person receives the maximum possible amount of benefits (plus a pension).

The amount of EDV is paid, including in 2024, for all categories of beneficiaries who are entitled to this type of benefit, regardless of whether there is a refusal from the NSO or its use in the form of in-kind services such as free vouchers to sanatoriums, railway passes, etc.

Table 1. Current EDV amounts and changes after 02/01/2024

Новые размеры ЕДВ с 1 февраля 2024 года

A set of social services available in 2024

The state guarantees federal beneficiaries to receive a specified set of social services at the expense of the budget.

This package includes three main benefits:

  1. The opportunity to undergo regular treatment in sanatorium-resort institutions (only if there is an official medical appointment, the testimony of doctors).
  2. Unhindered access to medicines, medical devices, and specialized nutrition prescribed to a citizen.
  3. Free commuter rail transport, ticket payment for trips to the place of treatment and back (up to intercity transport).

Each type of benefit has a strictly defined monetary equivalent. If you cancel the service, this amount will be added to the monthly payment. This approach makes it easierthe choice, because the citizen knows in advance the amount of the allowance, the prospects for increasing income.

The amount of the NSO is indexed in proportion to the rest of the payments. So, from 01.02.2024, the total cost of a set of social services will be increased by 7.4%. In monetary terms, the growth will range from 1,469.74 rubles to 1,578.50 rubles.

Новые размеры ЕДВ с 1 февраля 2024 года

The size of the EDV for beneficiaries with disability status

A 7.4% increase is planned for EDV payments for all groups of people with disabilities. If a citizen refuses a full set of NSOs, the total amount to be accrued will be:

  1. 5,324.84 rubles – for the disabled of the 1st group.
  2. 3 802.78 rubles – the same, only for the disabled of the 2nd group and children with disabilities.
  3. 3,044.14 rubles – the same, for disabled people of 3 groups.

If you save for the full list of NSO services or part of it, the amount of payments will be different. It can be determined by the table below.

Новые размеры ЕДВ с 1 февраля 2024 года

The size of the EDV in 2024 for combat veterans

Beneficiaries of the VDB category (combat veterans) receive an annual increase in payments from February 1. The same will happen in 2024, the amount of the surcharge will be 7.4%, corresponding to the inflation rate for 2023. Until 02/01/2024, citizens of this category will receive amounts according to the calculations of the previous year.

After applying the planned indexing, veterans will receive:

  1. 2,606.01 rubles. – while maintaining the full volume of social services.
  2. 4,184.51 rubles. – with the complete rejection of the NSO in favor of monetary compensation.

If the social package is partially saved, the amounts will differ from the above, Table 4 will help to find out the amount of payments.

Table 4. The amount of EDV in case of partial rejection of the NSO

Новые размеры ЕДВ с 1 февраля 2024 года


Recall that with regard to combat veterans, from July 24, 2024, the procedure for calculating monthly payments of EDV has changed. If earlier they were “by default” assigned a “natural payment” in the form of a package of social services, now the system works differently. It is believed that the VDB initially abandoned the NSO and they are charged the maximum possible amount of EDV. Indexing in 2024 will cover the actual inflation for 2023.

If a veteran wants to take advantage of the proposed social security package. for services, he has the right to apply to the SFR (Social Fund of the Russian Federation) and choose which benefits he needs to be provided in kind. Then the amount of monthly payments will decrease by the amount of the monetary equivalent of those services that the citizen began to receive from the state instead of compensation. You need to submit an application before October 1 of this year, it will start “working” in the next period.

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