Insurance experience for calculating sick leave in 2024

Comprehensive accounting of insurance experience in calculating the disability certificate in Russia has several purposes.

  1. Determination of the right to receive benefits. The employee must have a certain insurance record, which depends on his age and other factors.
  2. Determining the amount of the benefit. The longer the employee’s length of service, the higher the benefit amount may be.
  3. Determination of the duration of the benefit payment. This criterion depends on the specifics of the calculation by the system operator – the Social and Pension Fund of Russia (SFR).

To do this, the established calculation rules are used, which are mandatory for performers.

General rules for calculating sick leave based on length of service

The determination of the amount of the payment for the disability certificate depends on the available work experience (FZ -255 of 12/29/2006, Article 7).

Employee’s insurance record  Payout amount
Less than 6 months The minimum wage (the district coefficient is taken into account)
From 6 months to 5 full years 60% of average estimated earnings
From 5 years to 8 full years 80% of the average estimated earnings
Over 8 years 100% of the average estimated earnings


If there is a child under 8 years old in the family, then in case of illness of the child, the legal representative receives 100% payment of the sick leave, regardless of work experience.

How to correctly calculate insurance and work experience

Unfortunately, many people still confuse the concepts of work and insurance experience.

The length of service in the modern interpretation of the law is associated with the implementation of labor activity within the framework of one entity of the organizational and legal form, that is, you work for the same employer.

The insurance record takes into account all types of work, including:

  • work carried out under any type of employment contract;
  • periods of work in the state, municipal sphere, service in law enforcement agencies;
  • military service in the ranks Sun. Russian Federation on conscription;
  • pregnancy and childbirth;
  • being on parental leave under the age of 1.5 years.

Starting from 2022, the insurance record includes the employment of the insured person of the SFR, if he carried out this type of activity outside Russia, and the Russian Federation has an agreement with the specified country.

For sole proprietors and private owners, since 2003, the insurance record is confirmed by a certificate of payment of contributions. Certificates were issued by the territorial associations of the FSS.

How to correctly calculate the insurance record for calculating the disability certificate

To determine how the calculation of sick leave is carried out correctly, taking into account the availability of insurance experience, several points must be taken into account.

  1. The length of service is determined on the date that preceded the date of occurrence of the insured event, that is, the date of registration of the disability certificate. For example, your disability certificate was opened on January 19, 2024, and your total work experience is counted as of January 18, 2024.
  2. In the future, if you get sick again, the periods of illness will also be included in the insurance record.
  3. The calculation does not take into account the calendar year of employment, but the dates taking into account 12 months of employment, regardless of what month it will be.
  4. The concept of a “full month” is not a calendar period, but a month calculated for an insured event, which is 30 days.
  5. For counting, days that are not included in full months or years are counted separately.
  6. Next, all days will be converted into months, which will be taken into account based on the formula: 1 month of insurance experience is equal to 30 days.
  7. If the estimated amount of whole months for the insurance period formula turns out to be more than 12, then the months will need to be converted into whole years according to the rule: 12 months are equal to 1 calendar year. Months that are not included in whole years remain whole months to count.

Next, you need to add the calculated months and years (integer values) to the whole months and years that were previously initially taken into account to calculate the required length of service. That is, this will be the first step of the calculation to calculate the amount of the disability certificate.


The results of the length of service in years and months must be indicated in the disability certificate, since the correctness of the calculation depends on it.

How to find out the length of service of an employee

To confirm the actual length of service, the employer must take into account the following records.

  1. Entries from the workbook.
  2. Information from the STD-R form (in case the employee switched to the electronic work book ETC);
  3. Data from written employment contracts, certificates, and other documents that were issued at the previous place of work.
  4. For military service – information from the military ID.
  5. Information on the work of the GPA (only from 2023) on the basis of contracts, the STD – SFR (Social Fund) form, the EFS – 1 certificate, RSV section 3, issued by the customer with whom the contract was concluded.

If there is an intersection of periods in the provided data, then only 1 period is counted in the insurance period.

How is sick leave calculated if a family member falls ill

If you are personally ill, then the sick leave is calculated based on the generally accepted norm – minimum wage, 60%, 80% or 100%. If a family member falls ill in the family and you apply for a sick leave, then a special calculation formula is provided for the disability certificate.

The situation with the illness of a family member Calculation procedure
A child under the age of 8 is ill Legal representative receives 100% payment of the disability certificate.
A child aged 8 to 17 full years has fallen ill, while outpatient treatment is provided The first 10 days of illness are paid based on the form, “what is the length of service” for the legal representative.
Further, sick days are paid based on 50% of the available earnings.
A child aged 8 to 17 full years has fallen ill, while inpatient treatment is provided The calculation rule is applied taking into account the length of service of the legal representative, that is, 60%, 80%, 100%.
Another family member besides the child is ill and there is outpatient treatment The calculation rule is applied for standard schemes – 60%, 80%, 100% of the amount of average earnings.

For those who work under the GPA, the payment of the sick leave will also be carried out taking into account who was sick from family members. The full list of situations is defined by FZ-255, Article 7, parts 3-4. Interestingly, until 2023, those who worked under the GPA were not eligible to receive any sick leave payments.

What to consider when calculating sick leave in 2024

In 2024, the minimum wage increases, which will amount to 19242 rubles. Based on these parameters, the minimum and maximum amount of sick leave payment will be determined.

  • Based on this, the minimum amount of payment for a sick leave will be 632 rubles. 61 kopecks.
  • The maximum amount of payment for a sick leave (Especially for those who are provided with 100% payment) will also have a limit. The threshold is 4039 rubles. 73 kopecks. If, for example, you have been ill for 1 month, your payment will amount to 121191 rubles. 90 kopecks, even if your salary is more than the specified amount.

Payment of sick leave to the self-employed (NAP) and sole proprietors (in some cases) is not provided for in 2024, although in mid-2023 it was proposed to maintain a special calculation formula for such categories of citizens.

Also see the minimum and maximum amount of sick leave in 2024. 

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