How do I pay for sick leave on weekends and holidays

The basis for calculating and paying disability benefits is the occurrence of an insured event. At the legislative level, there is no limit on the exclusion of any days from the calendar, and sick leave on weekends and holidays is paid in a standard manner. Included New Year’s holidays during the period of an employee’s illness or care for a sick family member are not excluded from the paid time interval.

The algorithm for assigning and paying benefits

Temporary disability benefits are accrued from the first day of illness or injury until the insured person or a sick relative in need of care fully recovers or is assigned a disability. Since a calendar period is subject to payment, weekends are included in the hospital allowance along with working days without any difference in accrual (paragraph 1 of Article 6 of the Law of December 29, 2006 No. 255-FZ).

Although the “transit” functions of the employer in the payment of benefits have been abolished, the sources of financing are funds:

  • the policyholder – for payment of the first three days of disability of the employee himself, except for care, occupational illness and maternity leave;
  • the insurer – for payments of the remaining period until recovery or disability, as well as from the first day of benefits for care and maternity leave.

The legislation does not provide for any exceptions for sick days on weekends. They are accrued and paid according to the standard scheme, taking into account the established limits on periods, the number of paid days and the average daily amount of benefits.

Pay period limiters

Benefits are not accrued if the disability occurred during the period of release from work. When staying on annual paid leave, the payment is assigned only in case of illness of the insured person himself with a parallel extension or postponement of rest time. Sick leave is not payable in the case (Article 9 of Law No. 255-FZ):

  • forced removal of an employee from his official duties without payment of salary (Article 76 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation);
  • stay on vacation at his own expense or to care for children;
  • conducting a forensic medical examination;
  • arrest with detention or administrative nature;
  • disability as a result of criminal acts;
  • intentional harm to one’s own health, including a suicide attempt.

If the insured event occurred during the above periods, then it is pointless to issue a disability certificate in order to receive payments. Indeed, in such a situation, it does not matter when the hospital is open – on a weekend or a working day, since the determining factor is the opening during a period that is not subject to payment by law.

Limits on the number of days of sick leave payment

In certain situations, the benefit accrual period is limited regardless of the time of actual illness or the need for care. The paid period depends on the patient’s status.

Sick leave for the employee himself

In case of illness or injury of the insured person in 2024, the following maximum limits are set on the number of calendar days to be paid:

  • 75 – for employees issued under a fixed–term employment contract for a period of up to six months;
  • 24 – for employees who are being treated and rehabilitated in domestic sanatoriums after undergoing inpatient treatment (except tuberculosis, for which there are no restrictions);
  • 120 (4 months) in a row and 150 (5 months) in a calendar year – for working people with disabilities.

Restrictions on the “permissible” sick time do not apply to the payment of sick leave on weekends, regardless of the time of opening or closing. Payments are assigned the same way for both a working day and a holiday.

Nursing Disability Certificate

The allowance can be obtained if there are sick minor children who require care. The duration varies by age categories and diagnoses indicated in the table (paragraph 5 of Article 6 of Law No. 255-FZ):

Как происходит оплата больничного в выходные и праздничные дни

Adult care in terms of restraints is similar to children over the age of 15. The number of disability certificates issued does not matter, since payments depend on the number of days of care per year. The only limitation is two open sheets in a row without an interval when using the maximum of days for a specific insured event. Sick days off are counted in the same order as working days.

Limits on the amount of accrued benefits

The basis for calculating benefits is the average daily earnings, limited by the marginal values that increase annually due to the increase in the minimum wage and the “threshold” of taxable payments of contributions to compulsory social insurance. The amount of the benefit in monetary terms is influenced by:

The legally established limit on the average daily earnings (SDR) included in the calculation. In 2024, the minimum and maximum are:

  • Min SDZ = 19242 (federal monthly minimum wage) *24 (number of months)/730 (days in 2 years) = 632.61 rubles.;
  • Max SDZ = (1 032 000 + 1 917 000 ) – the maximum taxable income for 2022 and 2023/730 (days for 2 years) = 4039.73 rubles

The limiting “probation” coefficient. Hospital payments are calculated depending on the length of insurance using the coefficient:

  • 0.6 – with a total employment of less than 5 years;
  • 0.8 – with a working period in the range of 5-8 years.

A lowering “out-of-order” coefficient. The average daily income per limiter is subject to adjustment:

  • 0.6 – upon the onset of disability within a month after dismissal without subsequent employment;
  • 0.5 – when caring for children treated on an outpatient basis for more than ten days.

Limitations of the calculated value by the established minimum. The allowance is limited to the minimum wage in the following cases:

  • violations of the hospital regime recorded by a medical institution with the appropriate code;
  • the onset of disability due to alcohol or drug intoxication;
  • total insurance experience less than six months or no salary for the previous two years without the right to postpone periods;
  • exceeding the minimum wage of the calculated indicator.

The law regulating payments does not provide for distinctions when paying for work days and holidays. The limits are set for unpaid periods, the number of days allowed for payment and the amount of benefits.

The question of whether sick leave is paid on weekends is reduced to the search for the above-mentioned limitations in relation to a specific situation, since there are no differences in the financing of the working and non-working period by legislation.


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